Bake Bar Locations

Bake Bar is a popular bakery chain with several locations across Australia. Here are some of the most notable Bake Bar locations:

1. Double Bay: Located in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Bake Bar Double Bay offers an extensive selection of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, and other treats.

2. Randwick: Situated close to the University of New South Wales and Prince of Wales Hospital, Bake Bar Randwick is a popular spot for students and health professionals looking for delicious and healthy snacks.

3. Alexandria: With its industrial-chic decor and spacious seating area, Bake Bar Alexandria has become a favorite destination for brunch-goers looking to indulge in hearty sandwiches, salads, and coffee.

4. North Strathfield: Offering ample parking space and easy access via public transport, Bake Bar North Strathfield caters to busy commuters seeking quick bites on the go.

5. Manly: Overlooking Manly Beach from its prime location on The Corso shopping strip, Bake Bar Manly boasts stunning ocean views as well as delectable sweet treats that draw locals and tourists alike.

6. Bondi Junction: Just minutes away from Bondi Beach, Bake bar junction serves sumptuous breakfasts with their signature sourdough bread, croissants, pastries, etc.,

7. Chatswood Chase: Bakebar chatswood chase location serves fresh baked goods including cupcakes, tarts, brownies, muffins, etc which can be enjoyed either indoors or outside in the courtyard seating area

With their focus on artisanal baking techniques combined with modern design elements, Bake Bar continues to expand into new neighborhoods providing wholesome food options throughout Australia

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